Please find attached the cover letter and booking form for Easter Playscheme. Please download, print and send the booking form to us either by post or by hand (between the hours of 3-6 p.m). Further details available on the previous Playscheme post.


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Open Day

We are holding an Open Day during the Easter holidays. This will be on Tuesday 9th April and new families will be welcome to drop in and visit between 9.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m. Spread the word.

Easter Playscheme 2019

Dates for your diary: Easter Playscheme will take place on Monday 8th April-Thursday 18th April 2019. Registration starts on Thursday 21st March from 3 pm-6 pm and then any afternoon after this date between 3 pm-6 pm. Playscheme is open to children aged 4-14 years. These facilities are available up until a child’s 14th birthday.

We have made some changes to the Playscheme. We will be open from 8.00 A.M, instead of 8.30 A.M. We now offer a full day (8.00 a.m-6 p.m) or a half day (8.00 a.m-1.00 p.m/1.00 p.m-6.00 p.m) The charges for a full day are £25.00 and £15.00 for a half day; our charges haven’t been increased for a number of years. All trips and workshops, except the Friday outing, will now be optional.

The booking form will be available to download and complete online from Thursday 21st March. We are currently unable to accept emailed booking forms so please print out the booking form and return to us by post or by hand between 3.00 P.M-6.00 p.m (Mon-Fri). Please read and complete the booking form carefully. It is of upmost importance that we have a Parent/Carer signature on the form. Remember, payment must be made with the booking. Please note that we now require one booking form per child.

Please contact us via telephone on 01603 665740 if you are interested in booking your child into the school holidays and they do not attend Treehouse at the moment. We cannot accept booking forms from any Parent/Carers who have not visited the setting for an induction visit and have not completed a record sheet. For our existing parents, feel free to speak to Sally or Sam in regard to any queries you may have.

We look forward to seeing many familiar faces soon!

The playscheme timetable is featured below. All trips and the costs of these are as follows:

Tuesday 9th April-Tin House Drama Workshop (All Ages) p.m-£3.00
Wednesday 10th April-Vue Cinema (All Ages) Film TBC p.m-£7.00
Thursday 11th April-Castle Museum (-8) p.m-£2.50
Friday 12th April-*The Mo (Sheringham Museum) & Sheringham Park Easter Trail (All Ages) All Day-£5.00
Monday 15th April-Funky Monkeys Soft Play (-8) p.m-£4.50
Tuesday 16th April-Bush Craft-Hautbois Activity Centre (6+)a.m -£7.00
Wednesday 17th April-Vue Cinema (All Ages)-Film TBC p.m £7.00

All Trips marked with an * are mandatory.

Monday 8th April 2019Pool

Outside Play

Craft-Easter Egg wreath

Craft-Totally Terrific Tortoises

Craft-Fluorescent Marbling
Tuesday 9th April 2019Open day- New families welcome between 9.00 A.M-5.00 P.M

Outside Play

Table football

Cooking-Easter cupcakes

Craft-Clay Eggs
Tin House Drama worskshop (All Ages)

Outside Play

Craft-Hanging Eggs
Wednesday 10th April 2019Craft-Easter boxes

Table Tennis

Outside Play

Craft- Hand Print Chicks
Outside Play

Vue Cinema (All Ages)

Craft- Hand Print Chicks
Thursday 11th April 2019Wii

Outside Play

Craft- Messy Hand and Feet Painting outside

Craft-Easter bunny Hats
Outside Play

Craft-Finger Puppet Bunnies

Castle Museum (-8)
Friday 12th April 2019*The Mo (Sheringham Museum) & Sheringham Park (Easter Trail)
Monday 15th April 2019Table Football

Outside play

Craft-Easter Stick Puppets

Craft-Easter Cards

Outside Play

Funky Monkeys Soft Play (-8)
Tuesday 16th April 2019Bush Craft-Hautbois activity centre (6+)

Craft- Cloud Mobiles

Outside Play

Craft-Paper Straw Tulips

Outside Play

Craft-Flying Lollipop Spinners
Wednesday 17th April 2019Park

Craft-Hot Air Balloon Pictures

Craft- Spring Collage
Outside Play

Vue Cinema (All Ages)

Craft- Spring Collage
Thursday 18th April 2019Table tennis

Outside Play

Craft-Pom Pom Chicks

Craft-Story writing
Cooking-Easter Nests

Outside Play

Table Football

Please find attached the Nursery Newsletter for term dates: 25.02.19-05.04.19
Newsletter Feb 2019

It has been brought to our attention that many Nursery and Afterschool parents would find it helpful to have the term dates for this year.
They are as follows:
Spring Term 2019- 03.01.19 – 05.04.19 February Half Term is 18.02.19 – 22.02.19
Easter Holidays- 08.04.19 – 22.04.19
Summer Term 2019- 23.04.19 – 24.07.19 May Half Term is 27.05.19 – 31.05.19
Summer Holidays- 25.07.18 – 03.09.18
Autumn Term 2018- 04.09.19 – 18.12 19 October Half Term is 21.10.19 – 25.10.19
Christmas Holidays- 19.12.19 – 03.01.19

Please be aware that we are closed all bank holiday. We are also closed from 21.08.19- 03.09.19 and 23.12.19 – 27.12.19.

The Nursery and Afterschool club are open Term time only.

The Holiday Playscheme is open all half terms and holiday dates stated and closed 21.08.19 – 03.09.19 and also 23.12.19 – 27.12.19.

Playscheme registration dates are: 31.01.19 for February Half Term
21.03.19 for Easter Holidays
09.05.19 for May Half Term
04.07.19 for Summer Holidays
03.10.19 for October Half Term
05.12.19 for Christmas Holidays
Playscheme registration is 3.00-6.00 pm on these dates and then any afternoon 3.00-6.00 pm after this date. We do advise Parents/Carers to book their children in as close to the registration date as possible in order to ensure they are guaranteed a place.

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to speak to Sally or Sam with any further queries. There are 2019 calendars available for all parents either on the News Feed of this website or in the office at Treehouse.

Please find attached the Calendar for 2019. This highlights when we are open for Nursery, Afterschool Club and Holiday Playscheme. We will issue a paper copy to all Nursery and Afterschool Parents and will make sure they are available for Playscheme Parents to collect anytime.
calendar 2019